Which 1919 Movies Are You Going the Celebrate?

1919 was really a banner year for motion pictures. Naturally, the majority of silent films are lost but just from what survives… wow. So, tell me which 1919 releases you are going to particularly smile about during their centennial year?

I know for a fact that I won’t be able to get to everything in 2019 (much as I want to) but I am going to luxuriate in the embarrassment of cinematic riches.

Here are the 1919 releases I have already reviewed. Obviously, this is not EVERY release of 1919 and I have not yet reviewed some huge releases of the year but still, I think there are some impressive titles here.

Back to God’s Country

The Busher

Captain Kidd’s Kids

Daddy Long Legs

The Delicious Little Devil

The Doll

Don’t Change Your Husband

The Dragon Painter

The Girl of the Rancho

Hawthorne of the U.S.A.

Heart of Wetona

The Oyster Princess


The Tong Man

Wagon Tracks

The Wicked Darling

In the new year, I am really looking forward to covering The Lost Battalion as it stars members of, well, the Lost Battalion. (They were neither lost nor a battalion but never let the facts get in the way of a good moniker.) And, of course, I will probably find an excuse to give some love to Douglas Fairbanks. This was his last fully “modern” year before he fully embraced the costume swashbuckler.

Which 1919 pictures are you looking forward to? As always, there are no wrong answers, just share some silent movie love! Need inspiration? Here’s a little rundown of the year.


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  1. R.D. Stock

    1919 was indeed a rich year! Since we’re not being asked to identify the best or greatest from that year, I’ll just mention seven that I expect to enjoy again sometime in 2019. I AM listing them in my order of preference, but the gaps are very small between them.

    Broken Blossoms
    Don’t Change Your Husband
    Blind Husbands
    Daddy Long Legs
    Male and Female
    The Dragon Painter

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  2. Shari Polikoff

    I really fell in love with ‘The Doll’ and ‘The Oyster Princess’ this year, and there are old favorites such as ‘Daddy Long Legs’ and ‘Broken Blossoms,’ which was one of the first silent films I saw, back in the 1970s glory days of the film festivals.

  3. Alexsandro Lopes Vieira

    Madame DuBarry made me fall in love with Pola Negri; Broken Blossoms, despite its obvious problems, made me fall in love with Lillian Gish (again) and J’accuse is maybe THE Abel Gance movie to watch if Napoleon and La Rue’s lengths seem too intimidating.

    There are also Mauritz Stiller’s Sir Arne’s Treasure, D.W. Griffith’s lovely True Heart Susie and Fritz Lang’s Die Spinnen.

  4. Overseas Visitor

    2019 is an excellent excuse to see again True Heart Susie, The Oyster Princess, The Doll, Sir Arne’s Treasure and J’Accuse… and for the first time A Song of A Scarlet Flower.

  5. Kathie Wilson

    I have several favorites from 1919: Don’t Change Your Husband, The Delicious Little Devil and Daddy Long Legs are among them.

  6. Marie Roget

    A Happy Solstice to all! Attending a bonfire later tonight to celebrate the rebirth of the Sun (it’s an annual holiday event around here).

    Re: 1919- what first leapt to mind was The Miracle Man (alas, only a fragment available…but what a fragment) and J’Accuse (watched over and over and over by a ridiculously young Marie Roget). Some documentary lover reading over my shoulder says how can you not include South? Yep, duly included.

  7. Peter Quinlivian

    I hope to finally be able to see The Grim Game, with Houdini and my favourite Mae Busch (born a few streets from where I live which sparked my interest in her work).

    It would be good if an official DVD watchable in Australia becomes available.

  8. Kay Lapping

    Thanks for the 1919 recommendations and for all your posts this year. Looking forward to seeing Daddy Long Legs, I think the film’s name has always put me off somehow.
    Happy Christmas!🎄

  9. Keith S.

    Planning to buy The Dragon Painter and J’accuse. I already have Die Spinnen and Madame Dubarry, so I’ll watch them again to celebrate the New Year.
    Happy New Year to e everyone, especially you, Fritzi.

  10. Brittany Ashley

    Daddy Long Legs. I haven’t seen the others but I literally just finished watching DLL and came here to read about it!

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