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Comments? Questions? Fill out this form and send it off! But please read some of the information below because some of your questions may have already been answered.

I am always happy to hear from readers but because my time is limited, I will not longer be responding to messages if the answer can be found on this list.

Please keep it brief. All contact forms are filtered through a spam blocker and it may be triggered by lengthy messages, overuse of hyperlinks, etc. If you feel that your message was misdirected, you can reach out to me in the comments or on social media. I have found, however, that 95% of the misdirected messages are a result of the two reasons noted above. Keep it brief, don’t include a lot of links and things should go swimmingly.

Here are the most common queries:

Buying, selling, shopping

Movies Silently does not, under any circumstances, buy, sell or trade merchandise.

However, I am always happy to share where I purchased the films and books that I review and I generally provide convenient purchase links. The purchase links I post are solely for legitimate, legal copies of films sold by major retailers or the manufacturer. I cannot provide “grey market” links. Yes, I know official released are expensive but please support the good guys. It means more silent movies for the rest of us.

I have no expertise in pricing silent movie film reels, collectibles and other items. I really have no idea what your stuff is worth. Honest, you don’t want me doing the pricing. I am sure to mess it up.

I am sorry but while I can help you track down movies and books, I cannot assist in the search for or purchase of silent film stills, posters or other memorabilia. I suggest trying eBay. I am also unable to assist in booking reservations or purchasing tickets for silent film screenings and events. (Yes, people have asked for all of the above.)

Review copies

Films: I am happy to accept review copies of silent films, silent era documentaries, etc. I also review films that feature stars of the silent era in the sound era. Please contact me with the particulars.

Books: I no longer regularly publish book reviews but would be happy to include your silent era-related book in a news post. Please contact me with details. (And please, ONLY silent film-related material.)

Acceptance of a review copy does not guarantee that a review will be published. If a review is posted, the source of the book, movie, etc. will be disclosed in accordance with Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

Silent movie events and screenings

As they take a lot of time and dedication to curate, I do not have a section dedicated to silent film screenings at this time. However, the Classic Movie Hub does maintain a screenings page.

Affiliate Programs and In-Kind Links

I am very happy with my current situation and am not interested in writing sponsored posts, signing up for an affiliate program or exchanging links.

Fundraisers and Crowdfunding

I am a big supporting of crowdfunding and see it as the future for silent film home video releases, as well as new productions. Feel free to send me particulars about your project and I will see if it’s possible to include you in a news post. Many of my readers are enthusiastic fans of crowdfunding as well and enjoy getting updates on silent film-related projects.

Personal Research and Genealogy

Due to time constraints, I am unable to assist in research for family tree projects. I am also unable to help identify people in photographs or artwork, track down filmographies or facilitate the viewing of vault holdings. I recommend engaging the services of a reputable genealogist.

Biographical Information

Occasionally, relatives and film historians contact me with further information on a personality that I have covered. This information is most welcome and I am thrilled that they have chosen to share it. However, in order for any corrections or clarifications to be posted on the site, I must either have permission to cite my sources by name and/or share the backing evidence. To put it simply, I cannot post unsourced or anonymously sourced claims on the site. There have been very big problems in the silent film world that were created due to shoddy sourcing and I do not wish to contribute to the confusion.

In short, you must be willing to go on record with your claims.

Also, please note that this site is focused primarily on the films of the silent era. I refuse to be pulled into debates about who dated who, etc. I cannot respond to queries or claims that focus on the love lives of stars of the silent era. This is not to purpose of my site and I find the topic incredibly tedious.

Academic Research and Homework

I am happy to assist you by answering basic queries. Obviously, I cannot write your research papers for you, nor will I necessarily turn over all my research. However, at the very least, I can point you toward reputable works that discuss your subject of study.