Now that the site has been up for a while, here are some questions that have come my way:

Can you help me locate a certain film?

I don’t have any special archive access but I am familiar with most of the public domain silent film dealers. Go ahead and ask, it’s worth a shot. If a film is known to be in a particular archive’s holdings, I am unable to facilitate a viewing. You must contact that archive for further information.

But it’s out of print! Please burn me a copy!

For legal reasons, I am unable to fulfill such requests. I suggest contacting the distribution company that originally released the film and asking if they intend to re-release it.

Can you give me access to a film held in a vault or archive?

No. All viewing requests must be directed to the archive that currently holds the print.

Can you help me sell my silent film-related book or movie?

I do not, under any circumstances, buy, sell or trade merchandise. I do provide purchase links for the items that I review but I do not handle any transactions.

I have written/produced/ am handling publicity for a silent movie-related book or film. Do you accept review copies?

I do accept review copies of books and films. Please contact me with the particulars.

When will you be writing a biography about (name of actor)?

I choose my subjects for biographies very randomly. However, I am happy to entertain suggestions.

Can I request a review of a particular film?

Sure, I am always happy to receive suggestions.

I know of/am organizing/am working for a silent film screening, will you help me get the word out?

I don’t currently maintain a real world event page but the Classic Movie Hub does.

I am researching a relative who performed in silent movies, can you tell me what films to watch?

Due to time constraints, I am unable to assist with such projects. This site is maintained in my free time and sifting through historical records is very time-consuming. I would suggest securing the services of a genealogist-for-hire.

I have a photo from my grandmother’s collection and I think it has silent stars in it. Can you help me identify who is in the picture?

I’m sorry but I no longer respond to such inquiries. I would suggest looking at archive.org’s extensive collection of silent era fan magazines.

Are you on Facebook?

No. I have an irrational rational hatred of the site and have no plans to join.