Silent Take: “The Dark Knight Rises” circa 1927

You asked for it and here it is! My idea of what The Dark Knight Rises would have been like if it had been released in 1927. (You can see my poster for The Dark Knight here)

Silent Dark Knight Rises Silent Movie

John Gilbert returns as Bruce Wayne/Batman, of course, but there is a whole cast of supporting players new to the film.

(I guess I’m kinda spoiling the talkie but I figure most everyone has seen it already. In any case, stop reading now if you want to be surprised.)

After my Dark Knight poster, I got a lot suggestions for Catwoman and they all revolved around the same name: Louise Brooks. Much though I hate to disagree with such a large number of my readers, I have to say that, to me, Miss Brooks just didn’t seem quite right for the part. So, I went on the great Catwoman hunt. Then I remembered Lupe Velez. Perfect! She has just the right feral quality that I felt was essential to the character. Plus, she is an extremely physical performer. Plus, look at her!

I had similar trouble casting Blake, the Robin-ish character in the film. Then I remembered Gilbert Roland. John Gilbert, my Batman, was one of those actors who had trouble putting a wall between his real life and his reel life. Casting Gilbert Roland would actually take advantage of that. You see, he took his stage name as a tribute to his favorite actor… John Gilbert. Ideal for the mentor relationship! And their physical resemblance can be played up for plot purposes! At only 22 and 30 years old, the interaction between the Gilberts should be fraternal.

Musidora is Miranda. No further explanation is needed, I think.

George Bancroft is Bane (in a period gas mask) because he has the acting chops and the burly build to pull off the role. I was going to make a blurry intertitle to poke a little fun at the infamous Bane voice but, truth be told, I didn’t have trouble understanding him. I just thought he sounded like a villain on DuckTales or some other Disney Afternoon selection.

Hope everyone enjoys!


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  1. geelw

    Excellent. You win yet another Internet! Hmm… is there a Batman Begins poster in the works (you may as well do the entire trilogy). That and feel free to tackle other blockbusters when you’ve the time…

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