Silent Take: “Batman Begins” circa 1925

Whew! Finished reimagining the Nolan Batman trilogy as silent films. Here is the movie that started it all.

Batman Begins silent movie poster

John Gilbert is Batman, of course, and the director for all three films will be Paul Leni. Leni had a flair for dark material but he also knew how to please the crowds. An ideal combination for a Batman director.

I knew instantly that Jack Pickford must be Dr. Crane aka the Scarecrow. His debauched choirboy look would be ideal for the part. Norma Shearer works well for Rachel since she has a down-to-earth quality that contrasts well with the other eccentric characters in the film. Lewis Stone’s fatherly manner and noble bearing make him the perfect Alfred. Lionel Barrymore (who was not yet suffering from the health problems that kept him in a wheelchair later in his career) has both the intensity and the acting chops to make Ducard a truly frightening villain.

My poster for The Dark Knight can be found here and The Dark Knight Rises is here.

Oh, and the bat shape is from the 1926 thriller-comedy The Bat.


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  1. geelw

    Excellent! Hmmm. With a few clones of yourself and a robot or three, you could run a new site just made up of movie poster re-imaginings, I’ll bet…

      1. theartisticpackrat

        You weren’t kidding about Bosworth. He and Hauer look so alike it’s kind of scary.

        By the way, love the old style posters. Keep them up. 🙂

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