Silent Take: The Dark Knight circa 1926

I just thought I would have some fun with Photoshop. Here is my idea of The Dark Knight if it had been made in 1926. What’s your take? Who is your silent movie cast for The Dark Knight?

Update: The overwhelmingly positive reader response has been wonderful! I decided to make Silent Take a regular series. You can view other posters here.


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  1. geelw

    That would make a fine T-shirt… I like that cast you’ve picked (especially Mr. Veidt, as he was the inspiration for the Joker). There needs to be a love interest or two to shake things up a bit… my mind is a slight blank here…

      1. geelw

        Aha, Norma it is… But for your Dark Knight Rises poster (you’re being pressed into service here), who’s got the slinky Catwoman look from that era? My head is a cloud of potential names. I do think Karloff would make a perfect Ra’s al Ghul, though…

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