Theme Month! July 2022: 100 Years Ago… Films of 1922

What were filmgoers enjoying in 1922? We’re about to find out!

1922 was smack in the middle of the silent feature era and most of the biggest stars we associate with the period had made their debuts or scored their first hits. Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford were a force, Charlie Chaplin was a legend, Gloria Swanson was the queen of fashion and a guy named Rudolph Valentino had rewritten the rules for movie sex symbols.

I have been reviewing century-old movies this month but here are some older reviews of 1922 pictures for your enjoyment:

Cinderella: Lotte Reiniger’s gorgeous silhouette animation on display!

The Headless Horseman: Will Rogers in Sleepy Hollow! A more comedic take on the tale.

Lorna Doone: No shortbread cookies but some very pretty cinematography.

Manslaughter: A bonkers DeMille drama about an heiress who commits, well…

Monte Cristo: John Gilbert in Alexandre Dumas’ revenge classic.

The Prisoner of Zenda: Swashbuckling galore and a star-making role for Ramon Novarro.

Sherlock Holmes: John Barrymore as the great detective.

Sodom and Gomorrah: Deliciously overblown Austrian epic.

The Toll of the Sea: Anna May Wong in Technicolor.

The Young Rajah: Rudolph Valentino as an heir in hiding– romance ensues.

I hope you enjoy the little tour of century-old motion pictures!


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