Silent Movies vs. Small Dog Adventures

Okay, so it’s been quite a time. My dog, Douglas Fairbanks, is pretty much a toddler: everything goes into his mouth and his face goes into everything. Well, that got him in trouble last night. Long story short, I spent quite a long stretch at the veterinarian today, which threw off my schedule completely.

Little Douglas was worrying his left eye and when I looked at it, I saw the end of a foxtail actually in his eyelid. I tried to gently wipe it away but it didn’t budge and if there’s one rule about eyes it’s that you never, ever tug anything that’s stuck.

So off to the vet’s office first thing this morning. In the meantime, Douglas somehow managed to get the foxtail out of his eye himself during the night but I took him anyway so that the vet could be sure he got it all and give him some medicine in case of infection.

Douglas terrorized the vet’s office, kicked and struggled and made an examination impossible so I opted to take some medicated eye drops and watch his eye to make sure it was healing properly. The alternative was general anesthetic.

(Douglas gets on his back and kicks and thrashes when he doesn’t want to do something. It’s adorable but exhausting to deal with. A thousand apologies to the vet staff. He went limp when I was taking him out of the car, so he also knows about passive resistance. 27 lbs. may not sound like a lot but it’s quite a bit of dead weight to haul. He’s a Bolshevik and a scoundrel.)

His eye is no longer red and I managed to administer the eyedrops by lulling him to sleep on my lap and dripping the drop into his eye kinda sneaky-like. Worked like a charm and he wasn’t upset at all, which means it will probably work again. Mwahaha.

So, anyway, normal service shall resume tomorrow but today was completely absorbed with Douglas. It looks like he is making a full recovery and will return to his busy schedule of digging up roots, gnawing on pinecones and calling for a global doggy uprising soon.


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