Poll: Vote for a Theme Month!

I asked for my readers to suggest theme months for November and I have narrowed the list down to four selections. So let’s vote on this and see where it leads!

Basically, when I was choosing the themes, I had to think about whether or not I had enough films to fill the month out, whether or not the theme was similar to something I had done recently and whether or not I had the time or stamina for the topic.

Here are the choices:

Sidekicks: I’ll review the films silent era sidekicks made after leaving their more famous partners and give them their moment in the sun.

Magicians: Stage magic was at the very heart of silent cinema and, unsurprisingly, stage magicians were common fixtures. Bonus points because murder usually follows.

Lost & Found: Silent movies that were once thought to be lost but then either miraculously reemerged or were painstakingly reconstructed.

Early Work from Famous Directors: Big talkie names like John Ford, Cecil B. DeMille, Victor Fleming and Frank Capra got their start in the silent era.

Thanks so much to everyone who volunteered ideas and thanks for everyone who votes in the poll! This should be very interesting no matter which topic wins the day.


  1. Randy Cox

    Yes, this was a tough decision. I chose magicians because of my enthusiasm for magicians, but it could have gone any way.

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