And the Champion Silent Swashbuckler is…

Well, the results are in and we have a winner in the Silent Swashbuckler Tournament!

63% of you voted for The Mark of Zorro over The Sea Hawk and Douglas Fairbanks’ grand adventure story of old California is the champion!

In addition to launching Doug’s career as a costumed swashbuckler, his work with the Zorro character laid the groundwork for the continuing popularity of the series. Fairbanks introduced the half-mask, the all-black wardrobe, the incessant Z-carving and (in the sequel) the whip as a favored weapon.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Fairbanks pretty much invented the adventure fantasy as we know it and thank goodness.

Thank you so much for voting in the tournament and I hope you found lots of great silent adventure recommendations.


  1. Steve Phillips

    The final round was a tough choice, there being so much that could be said in favor of both sides…

    To decide my own vote, it came down to Doug’s hairstyle (the forehead spit curls, as seen in photo above) and especially his mustache in Zorro mode (too painful to describe).

    I understand that Doug was supposed to look ridiculous in non-Zorro mode, but I don’t see how that mustache served the legend of Zorro!

    Yes I’ve actually seen and enjoyed both films, with pleasure! I’m just shallow…

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