Can You Identify 1927 Silent Movie Stars from Childhood Photos?

Photoplay Magazine held a little star identification quiz in 1927 and so let’s take the test ourselves and see how many stars we can recognize.

There are a dozen photos here. Some of these stars are more famous than others but every single one of them has at least one title available on home video, so this is a pretty fair quiz for modern silent fans, methinks. Have fun!

Star One
Star Two
Star Three
Star Four
Star Five
Star Six
Star Seven
Star Eight
Star Nine
Star Ten
Star Eleven
Star Twelve

Do you have your guesses jotted down? Okay, here’s the answer key….

(No peeking!)

And there we have it! Twelve big names. I personally think that Blanche Sweet and Richard Barthelmess are the easiest to guess but I am terrible at star identification so what do I know? Anyway, I hope you had some fun!

I have not yet reviewed Betty Compson or Alice Joyce (though I have made her sandwich) or Claire Windsor in a picture (though I have cooked her sweetbreads recipe!) but here are some choices for everyone else:

Watch Bebe Daniels in Feel My Pulse

Watch Jean Hersholt in The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg

Watch Edna Purviance in Burlesque on Carmen

Charles Ray in The Busher

Blanche Sweet in Judith of Bethulia

Laura La Plante in The Cat and the Canary

House Peters in The Captive

Eleanor Boardman in She Goes to War

Richard Barthelmess in Tol’able David


  1. Marie Roget

    Well, it turns out, though I’m pretty good at guessing adult stars, their kiddie versions…not so much. Only got 3 right: Jean Hersholt (something about that mouth and jawline), Edna Purviance (mostly the eyes and shape of face), and Richard Barthelmess (he eventually grew into those headlamps). A fun quiz- thanks for posting it!

  2. Shari Polikoff

    I don’t do well with identifying baby pictures, either – I didn’t even try with these! It’s interesting how certain distinctive features carry on from childhood – like the turned-down mouths of Richard Barthelmess and Laura LaPlante.

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