The Serial Queen Name and Title Generator

With all the talk about whether or not women can open action movies (spoiler: they totally can), I thought it would be fun to tip my hat to the original action ladies of cinema. I mean, of course, the serial queens of the 1910s. What’s your serial queen name and what serial did you star in? Let’s find out!

This is especially appropriate because Pearl White was one of the very top stars exactly 100 years ago. Nice!

Like my Silent Actress Name Generator and my William S. Hart Character Name Generator, I am offering both an automated and DIY option. Click here to automatically generate a name or choose one name from each column below!

And now you need a serial title! I have you covered there as well. Automatically generate a title here or select your favorites from the two columns below.

If you want more information on silent era serials, I have reviewed The Perils of Pauline, Judex and Les Vampires.

Be sure to share your name and the title of the film you starred in below!


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