The William S. Hart Name Generator!

Howdy, pardners. You may have known me once as Fritzi Kramer but on this post, folks call me Creosote Whipple. Why is that? Because I used the William S. Hart name generator!

I like to get silly sometimes with quizzes and other fun stuff. It has been forever since I’ve done anything like this so here goes!

Fans of silent film know that William S. Hart’s characters tended to have names that were on the colorful side. Samples:

Shark Monroe, Blue Blazes Rawdon, Ice Harding, Blaze Tracy… You get the idea.

Blaze living up to his name

Well, there’s no reason why Hart should have all the fun! I have created a list of nicknames, some taken from Hart films, others pulled out of a hat by yours truly. Match up your nickname with a suitably manly surname and you’re good to go! You’re ready to shoot good guys or bad guys, as the case may be.

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Or, if you want to have all the hard work done for you, I created a random name generator. Have fun with it but make sure to come back and tell me your new Hart-ish name!

(The font is called Bleeding Cowboys. Isn’t it vile? I kind of love it for something like this.)


  1. Ian Chodikoff

    Brilliant! Mr. Hart would approve of your invention as he seemed to be a truly creative, articulate, and intelligent man who undoubtedly had an amazing self-awareness for the delicate irony and humor that is required to make a great Western.

    I may have lost your thread on Ivan Mosjoukine but with your latest name generator and celebration of Mosjoukine, a truly brilliant Russsian actor who can honestly be another “man of a thousand faces”–until he underwent unfortunate cosmetic surgery later in his career–I wonder what a movie co-starring Hart and Mosjoukine would look like?

    I might also wonder what a Wiliam S. Hart co-starring role with Matt Damon or Bradley Cooper film would look like too. (Hart would make ’em look like fools, no doubt).

    Lots of “what-ifs” but thanks to you, I now have a new name…

    Seven-Finger Muggins

  2. popegrutch

    I got Badlands McDuff. Now, for the bad guys I’ll be *ahem* retiring, I decided to look for some of the goofiest combinations I could find. Here are:
    Ice Fry
    Careless Poole
    Oak Little
    and Cactus Leach.
    They won’t be long for this world.

  3. Peter Putzel

    I used the random generator first and got: Three Word Fitzgerald.

    But, looking at the list, my choice would be Widow Maker Jansen. I may need glasses as I didn’t read Jingle Bobs correctly…

    1. Fritzi Kramer

      Well, the Australian western has a pretty solid level of popularity, though I remain partial to the Chechen “eastern”. I just wish the title would not always be required to contain the phrase “down under”

  4. Le

    The generator gave me the name Flame Jenkins. It’s much cooler than my real name! Where was this thing when my mother named me?

  5. Marie Roget

    Daggers Walsh here (aka Marie Roget)- my partner just used the Hart generator and is now called Coyote Walsh…ha! The next spin of the wheel changed a visiting friend into Mountain Lion Jepsen. Consensus is we should form a gang at this point 😉

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