Fun Size Review: Wild and Woolly (1917)

Douglas Fairbanks plays a city boy who dreams of the rootin’ tootin’ wild west and gets his wish when the citizens of an Arizona town decide to indulge his fantasies in hopes he will finance a new road through town.

I really wanted to like this film more than I did. Fairbanks is great, as is the rest of the cast, but the picture has a slow start that it never really recovers from and embraces some shocking violence, which spoils the festive mood. Worth seeing but not the best early Doug.

How does it end? Hover or tap below for a spoiler.
Doug saves the day and all the people he killed are still dead.

Read my full-length review here.

If it were a dessert it would be: Cactus Macarons. What do you mean they can’t whip egg whites on the lone prairie?

Availability: Released on DVD as part of Flicker Alley’s excellent Douglas Fairbanks: A Modern Musketeer box set.


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