Silent Movie People Salute You

Here’s to you, silent movies! A salute from the major stars of the period. A very literal salute.

Lewis Stone gives props to Ramon Novarro, who has just leapt off the drawbridge, in The Prisoner of Zenda.

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Heartthrob Francis X. Bushman does another one of those sword salutes in Under Royal Patronage.

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Pedro Sienna gives a saucy salute as the undercover hero in The Hussar of Death.

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Then there are the less respectful salutes…

Pola Negri and the gang give their best goofy salute in The Wildcat, a Seussian (before Seuss!) rom-com.

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Available on DVD.

Charlie Chaplin has trouble with the accoutrements of his rank in Burlesque on Carmen. Make sure to watch the original Chaplin cut, which is leaner and funnier than the bloated Essanay cut.

Read my review here (I detail Chaplin’s battles with Essanay over the final cut)

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