My 100th Cooking with the Silent Stars: Whose Recipe Shall I Prepare?

I took a look at my ongoing project to cook every single recipe in the Photoplay Cookbook and realized that I am up to the mid-70s. That means I have a milestone coming up and I want you to help me decide the best way to mark it.

If I stay on my weekly cooking schedule, I should hit #100 around early autumn of this year. I’m doing this far ahead because some of these recipes include offbeat ingredients and I will need time to prepare.

All you need to do is choose which of these four stars will provide the recipe of post #100. I’m really sorry, I am aware that these are some major fan favorites. It’s cruel of me to ask you to pick just one, I know, but I wanted a strong competition.

I’ll announce the victor next week. Happy voting! Oh, and you can check out all my past taste tests here.


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  1. Dan Nather

    Well, let’s see. Somehow, I can’t imagine Greta Garbo or Clara Bow spending a lot of time in the kitchen, so I’m ruling them out. I think Valentino or Keaton would be a better bet. Of those two, Keaton is very down-to-earth, and Valentino is more exotic, so on that basis I chose Valentino. (I’ve heard he had a great recipe for spaghetti sauce, but even if that isn’t it, I would be intrigued to find out what he whipped up when he decided to “eat in.”)

    1. Fritzi Kramer

      Clara Bow openly admitted that she was hopeless in the kitchen and that everything was from her cook. I know Garbo put lingonberry jam on her cornflakes and poured coffee over the lot. o_O

    1. Fritzi Kramer

      Garbo is interesting because she has a big following and some profoundly bizarre foods attached to her (I’m fairly certain that some were cooked up by the publicity department) which all equal a nice bit of traffic.

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