Lady Gunmen of Culver City circa 1918

I’m still a bit annoyed about people still spreading the myth that silent movies were full of damsels. Well, I found this spiffy 1918 Photoplay article about the ladies of silent cinema packing iron. Neener neener.

Louise Glaum was a popular vamp who took on William S. Hart in Hell’s Hinges, The Return of Draw Egan and Keno Bates, Liar. Looks like the western vampire has set out on her own.

Margery Wilson is another Hart leading lady but she was also a director. She didn’t helm Mountain Dew and, alas, it is missing and presumed lost.

Olive Thomas has clearly learned the ropes and she is also sporting a darling little corsage in her sash.

Sometimes it’s all in the wrists…

Poor Alma Rubens can’t get any respect, I see, as Photoplay has misspelled her surname. I make typos like crazy but I expect more of the monarch of film  magazines.

You can find more swell vintage film articles at the Media History Digital Library.


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