Fun Size Review: The Return of Draw Egan (1916)

William S. Hart plays an outlaw who, gosh darn it, ends up being hired as the marshal of a small, crime-infested town. Will he find redemption? Oh, come on. Do cops like donuts? Of course he will but getting there is all the fun.

Hart is ably backed by future director and author Margery Wilson, as well as the vampish Louise Glaum and veteran baddie Robert McKim. It’s lighter than Hell’s Hinges but a grand bit of western fun and Hart’s inevitable meltdown is a highlight.

How does it end? Hover or tap below for a spoiler.

His past is revealed but Hart kills McKim in an honest-to-goodness showdown and the townsfolk ask him to stay as their marshal.

Read my full-length review here.

If it were a dessert it would be: Caramel Apple Cake. Classic flavors done exceptionally well.

Availability: Released on DVD.


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  1. Marie Roget

    I can almost hear the rehearsal (from a 2017 perspective, mind you)… “Get yourself and your hand out of the way BEFORE Bill flips it! This table ain’t balsa wood!” 😉

      1. Marie Roget

        Absolutely! Experience was so important, no doubt of it (if you zigged when you should have zagged, well…) Hart’s fight scenes always impress me as realistic because well thought out, however spontaneous they may appear.

      2. Fritzi Kramer

        I once saw some outtakes from a Korean production shooting in China and they mixed up the Mandarin words for left and right. As you can imagine, the Chinese stuntman engaged to fight the Korean star made contact considerably more often than was intended!

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