Theme Month! May 2016: Danger Girls

It’s time to pick a new theme and this month’s is a doozy. We’re going to be celebrating danger girls of the silent era.

Last month’s theme was Director-Stars of the silent era and I am pleased to say that every single film reviewed featured a female director. Whoohoo!


We are continuing the girl power fest here but adding in a bit more brawn. I often state that people make the mistake of assuming an empowered character equals a violent character. That is simply not true but it is fun to see the ladies get in on the action/adventure once in a while.

This month is all about the women of silent film who dove into dangerous situations. Not as damsels in distress, mind you, but as active participants. The selections will include both serious films and comedies. It’s going to be exciting!


For your reading pleasure, here are some danger girl films that I have already reviewed:

She Goes to War (1929)
Women on the Western Front

Feel My Pulse (1928)
Women taking on bootleggers

Spies (1928)
Women spying

The Forty-First (1927)
Women snipers of the Red Army

Eve’s Leaves (1926)
Women sailors shanghaiing fellas

Sparrows (1926)
Women saving kids from gators

Back to God’s Country (1919)
Women crossing frozen tundra to save husbands

Joan the Woman (1916)
Women saving France

For Ireland’s Sake (1914)
Women saving Ireland

Judith of Bethulia (1914)
Women beheading Assyrians

Under the Claw (1912)
Women vs. Leopards

Stay tuned for more reviews! I have four intriguing titles selected that range from famous to forgotten.


  1. Marie Roget

    Great choices! Pickford in Sparrows is an all time personal favorite!

    Must add a fervent vote for the wonderful Viola Dana somewhere in the mix, plus The Hazards of Helen and Miss Mend serials.

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