Test Your Silent Movie IQ: Intermediate

Welcome back, dear readers! We had a lot of fun with the Beginner edition of this quiz so let’s dial things up a notch and go intermediate.

How it works:

Answer twenty questions and hit the “submit” button on the bottom of the quiz. Be careful when scrolling as the answer buttons are “radio” and will flip to a different answer if you have them selected when you scroll. (Many apologies for this, it was the only option on PollDaddy.) Also, double check to make sure the selection stuck. Darn those radio buttons! All questions are mandatory but the quiz will tell you if you missed one and mark the one you missed with a big blue box. As this is intermediate, there will be no “I don’t know” options.

Your score will appear at the top of the answer score card, right above the answer for Question 1. Below it will be the rest of the correct answers

Click the button below to display the quiz. If it doesn’t display, make sure to turn off your popup blocker.


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0-30% – Uh oh!

31-40% – It’s a start.

41-50% – Respectable.

51-60% – Not bad at all!

61-70% – Very good.

71-80% – More than good! Great, even!

81-90% –  Nerd alert!

91-100% – You really are a specific dream rabbit.


  1. Todd Benefiel

    Argh, I got walloped! Just 35% this time, and I’ll admit, I had to guess on every single question…although, they were at least educated guesses!

    And who is that in the photo at the top, holding the book?

      1. Todd Benefiel

        I know a few things about silent films, but nothing much in-depth, so I’m not surprised I scored kinda low. But if everyone else scores LOWER than me, then yes, perhaps the questions were a bit cranked. But then again, it was ‘intermediate’ level this time, so we shouldn’t expect every question to relate to Metropolis and Battleship Potemkin!

        Okay, so that’s Louise Brooks…but is that YOU in the photo on the ‘About’ page, or is that Louise, too? Because if that IS you, then I also thought it was you holding the book at the top of the quiz!

  2. Westell Rhodes

    Enjoyed the quiz and hope you keep it up. I had problems with the final scoring and the presentation. This second quiz seemed more complecated in it’s presentation compared to the first. I’m not sure ofmy score,but think I did about 50%. It was fun anyway.

  3. Le

    I scored 65%… pretty good, considering I guessed a few. As a perfectionist, although, I think I could have scored more… I was so close! hahaha

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