Test Your Silent Movie IQ: Beginner

Welcome to a fun little quiz I whipped together. I hope to release an intermediate, advanced and maybe even a murderous level at some point. In the meantime, enjoy!

How it works:

Answer twenty questions and hit the “submit” button on the bottom of the quiz. Be careful when scrolling as the answer buttons are “radio” and will flip to a different answer if you have them selected when you scroll. (Many apologies for this, it was the only option on PollDaddy.) Also, double check to make sure the selection stuck. Darn those radio buttons! All questions are mandatory (there are “I don’t know” options for all of them) but the quiz will tell you if you missed one and mark the one you missed with a big blue box.

(If the quiz is not displaying properly on the page for you, try clicking this black button, which will open the quiz in a lightbox.)


Take Our Quiz!


Your score will appear at the top of the answer score card, right above the answer for Question 1. Below it will be the rest of the correct answers.

Enjoy and please forgive the primitive methods.

Phew! All done. How did you do?



0-20% – You know about as much about the silents as the producers of The Buster Keaton Story. That’s okay, though! Here are some tips for getting started.

21-30% – You have a few of the facts down but could use a bit more familiarity with the era.

31-40% – It’s a start but you still have a lot to learn.

41-50% – You have the makings of a silent movie nerd hidden within.

51-60% – Not bad at all! A silent movie diamond nerd in the rough. Wait, that makes no sense…

61-70% – Very good. A few more silent films and you will be ready for the big time. (Whatever the “big time” entails in silent movie nerdom.)

71-80% – More than good! Great, even! You have silent knowledge that impresses.

81-90% – Β Beginner? You’re no beginner! Nerd alert!

91-100% – You really are a specific dream rabbit.


  1. Ariel

    I pulled a 60%, and I thought I heard” The Gold Rush” film earned a Oscar from a PBS doc 35yrs back. Anyway, that film gave me plenty of tears, so I think it deserved a Osca anyway.

  2. Emily

    95%. The only question I got wrong had to do with the nickelodeon. So glad for this blog; spread the gospel of silent cinema!

  3. Carter Burrell

    I got a 95%! Yay! The only one I missed was about the Roundhay Garden Scene, I didn’t know how long it was. Looking forward to the next quiz!

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