Theme Month! August 2014: It was a dark and stormy night


I do so love a good mystery! This month, I am going to be celebrating a very specific sub-genre, plus some added gems of atmospheric murder. The Old Dark House movie has fallen out of favor but I still love it.

The ingredients:

1 old mansion

6-12 suspicious characters

1 or more murders

Add some stylish direction, some gallows humor and then let ‘er rip! Good stuff.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy beating the dog days of summer with a few cold and foggy evenings of terror and/or laughs. Look for more reviews to be posted throughout the month but in the meantime, please enjoy some of my past reviews.

The Cat and the Canary (print review)

The Cat and the Canary (video review)

The Charlatan

Review #1: A C0ttage on Dartmoor (1929)

Stalking, madness and attempted murder on the English moors. What more could we ask for?

Review #2: The Monster (1925)

Lon Chaney plays a mad scientist in this camptastic fright fest.

Review #3: Seven Keys to Baldpate (1917)

George M. Cohan tries his hand at the movies in the adaptation of his creepy stage hit.

Review #4: The Last Performance (1929)

Conrad Veidt plays a jilted magician who just might be dangerous. (You think?)

Review #5: Haunted Spooks (1920)

Harold Lloyd gets in on the fun with this classic “haunted” house comedy.