Theme Month! December 2013: Special to Me

This month, I am going to be sharing silent films that are special to me personally in one way or another.

Review #1: The film that made me love silent movies

City Lights (1931)

Talkies were the rule but Charlie Chaplin wowed Depression-era audiences with his brilliant throwback.

Review #2: The first silent feature I ever saw

Sparrows (1926)

Mary Pickford’s slice of Southern Gothic is a creepy treat.

Review #3: The first silent movie I was obsessed with

The Lost World (1925)

A subject dear to any kindergartner’s heart: Dinosaurs!

Review #4: A film that made me love the pre-feature silents

The Sunbeam (1912)

A melodrama with its feet firmly planted in Victorian times. Know what else? It’s fantastic.


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