Theme Month! September 2013: Vamps, Flappers and Superstars, oh my!

This month is all about the top female stars of the silent era. These are the ladies who made it into the history books and are remembered to this day as the most popular actresses of their time.

While I am preparing my new reviews for publication, here are some past reviews of superstar films:

Daddy Long Legs: Mary Pickford

The Wind: Lillian Gish

The Social Secretary: Norma Talmadge

Barbed Wire: Pola Negri

Why Change Your Wife?: Gloria Swanson

Mantrap: Clara Bow

Ella Cinders: Colleen Moore

Review #1: The Gish Sisters

An Unseen Enemy (1912)

The famous siblings made their debut together in this suspenseful melodrama.

Review #2: Florence Lawrence

The Country Doctor (1909)

An extremely rare film featuring the woman considered by many to be the first true movie star.

Review #3: Gloria Swanson

Manhandled (1924)

Gloria Swanson abandons her beaded gowns and ostrich plumes to play a naive shop girl in this romantic comedy.

Review #4: Clara Bow

Parisian Love (1925)

Before she hit it big, Clara Bow churned out dozens of potboilers. This one is directed by Louis “Reefer Madness” Gasnier.


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