The birth of Fritzi

Hello, all. I questioned whether to post on this topic but I feel it will save confusion down the line so here goes:

I have decided to use the name Fritzi in the future. Adopting a pen name was quite a decision but here are some reasons why I decided to take the leap.

1. It’s a tribute

Of all of my family, my German grandmother most personified the 20’s. Her golden Marcel wave was flawless. She was adorable! So the name Fritzi is for her. Fritzi Scheff and Fritz Lang were also on my mind when I chose it.

2. It’s a persona

Some people spill their guts on their blogs. I feel that I very much adopt a persona. My goal is to mimic the freewheeling style of 1920’s entertainment reporters. The new name lets me burrow deeper into that role.

3. It’s cute

The name Fritzi just makes me smile. It’s cute and different but not unrecognizable. It’s easy to pronounce and it has a Z. When I started blogging, I was not exactly sure of what direction to take. I slowly realized that I was most comfortable with cute and I feel the name matches this goal.

So, this is the introduction of Fritzi. Enjoy!


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      1. Sam's Reel Views

        Eh, it’s feeling more like a chore. I’ve been messing around with the visual themes, and backgrounds for weeks. Plus there’s a thin line between intelligent sounding, and pretentious. Hmm.

  1. Lindsey

    I like it! It suits your blog very well. I thought about adopting a pen name when I first started my blog, but I couldn’t come up with anything decent. I’ve also thought of changing the name of my blog to something less generic than “The Motion Pictures,” though I don’t think I ever will because it would entail rebuilding my huge index and going through almost 600 posts to remove any reference to “TMP”… that’s a lot of work!

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