Giveaway: Win a Copy of Raymond Griffith on Bluray

We all love silent movies and the only thing better than a silent movie is a free silent movie. Well, Ben Model’s Undercrank Productions is kindly sponsoring a giveaway of the new Bluray release of Raymond Griffith: The Silk Hat Comedian.

Raymond Griffith’s light, witty (and slightly naughty) vehicles have been prized by silent movie fans for years and this release includes both You’d Be Surprised and Paths to Paradise, a pair of crime comedies from the Roaring Twenties. These transferred from restored 35mm prints held by the Library of Congress and scored by Ben Model. What could be better?

(You can read more about the collection here.)

As usual, I like to keep things simple for a giveaway.

Here are the rules:

  1. Leave a comment telling me why you want to win this set.
  2. I will draw a winner at random on June 3, 2023.
  3. I will email the winner and if there is no response within three business days, I will draw an alternate.
  4. You must have a mailing address in the U.S. to enter.
  5. The disc is officially released on June 13, so I will time the shipment to be in that ballpark.

That’s all! Once again, a big thank you to Ben and Undercrank for allowing me to give away this disc. What better way to spend your summer than to enjoy crime, comedy and a delightful funnyman?


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  1. DeAnna

    Raymond Griffith is one of my favorite silent comedians and I would love to see as much of his existing work as possible.

  2. Nancy Pardine

    To quote your sentiments – “What better way to spend your summer than to enjoy crime, comedy and a delightful funnyman!”

  3. Kathie Manthorne

    One of my current silent film obsessions is HATS in the movies of that era. A silk hat comedian would be the perfect addition to my compendium, and…. I want to learn more about “the other Mr. Griffith.” So… I would love to win these discs.

  4. Kevin

    I would like to win because I like winning things. And if I get this for free I can justify adding it to my collection to my sweetheart slightly easier.

  5. charlesnechamkin

    I know Griffith from his role in Tod Browning’s White Tiger and have been itching to explore his comedic films. Winning this set would be a great chance to do that!

    Kudos to Ben Model and everyone working to restore these films and make them more widely available.

  6. labudajs

    Would like to win this disk as I am going to be a historian of silent and early talkies films. I heard and know about Raymond Griffith influence on making comedies films.

  7. Stuart Cook

    Here is one of the silent era’s great stars whose movies are too rarely seen. This would be the best way to enjoy these restorations, and with new musical scores. Oh, to get to laugh along with Raymond Griffith!!!

  8. Phil McDonnell

    I have fond memories of Ben Model accompanying these Raymond Griffith comedies as part of the Silent Clowns Film Series. I think showing them to friends and family may turn them on to the joys of silent film.

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