Help Wanted! You Choose My Reviews

It’s time once again for me to gather recommendations for my annual Reader Requests theme month! It’s very simple: please suggest some silent movies you would like me to review and I will fill an entire month of reviews based on those suggestions!

There are no real rules here, suggest whatever movie you like, but if you want to see if I have reviewed it already, here is my alphabetical review index.

I always enjoy the Reader Requests month because it really stretches my brain and helps me cover movies that I might not have otherwise chosen. We both get more varied and, I hope, more interesting reviews as a result.

That’s all, folks, and I look forward to hearing your ideas!


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  1. Mozaffari

    “Leaves from Satan’s Book”

    Almost everyone dismisses it as a pale imitation of Intolerance. But still, it’s Dreyer and maybe we should look at it more closely.

  2. Sarah

    I’d love to see a review of Les Miserables (1925)! It’s one of the best adaptations in my opinion, but I’d love to know how it stands on its own merits.

  3. Richard Beaton

    Really apreciate these reviews, thanks for all the hard work. I would love to see more films by British directors/actors, and more from non anglophone countries in Europe and elsewhere. The U.S. may have led, and be leading the world in film output, but there is a lot elsewhere! Thanks.

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