Theme Month! March 2022: Actually…

Well, I have completely rearranged my review schedule due to current world events rendering quite a few political films of the silent era political once more. So, I decided I would go to a topic that I always enjoy writing about… Known history vs facts.

Fans of silent movies tend to talk to other fans of silent movies and so it comes as a shock sometimes to see how non-fans view the era. The image of silent movies being all creaky melodramas with screaming women tied to the train tracks is as ubiquitous as ever.

So, I plan to do two things this month: review films with myths attached to them and review films that by their existence disprove myths. For example, was The Jazz Singer the first talkie? Many people think so but the 1900 version of Cyrano de Bergerac proves that it wasn’t. In fact, sound had been experimented with since the very invention of moving pictures.

I hope you will enjoy the ride!


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