Theme month! September 2021: Shoes

A whole movie about footwear? Yup. In fact, I will be reviewing four such films this month.

Sometimes, I choose themes because I have a plan or a specific goal in mind. Other times, I just feel like having some fun and this is the latter.

In order to get into the mood, here are some other footwear-inspired silent movies:

Cinderella (1914) is Mary Pickford’s take on the tale.

Cinderella (1922) is Lotte Reiniger’s silhouette animated version.

A Pair of Silk Stockings (1918) is about hosiery but close enough. Constance Talmadge and Harrison Ford both give the stockings a try-on.

Max Sets the Style (1914) is a comedy about the dapper Max Linder being forced to wear work boots. The horror!

Soft Shoes (1925) only tangentially involves footwear but the title refers to the sneakers preferred by burglars.



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