Theme Month! August 2020: Rural Detour

The hot, long month of August is upon us so it seemed like a good time to head to the great outdoors and watch some movies that embrace the rural life.

This obviously means I have some westerns scheduled but I also have a few surprises up my sleeve so keep on the lookout for my sneaky tricks.

The great outdoors, near and far, were featured prominently in the silent era. In the first place, outside was free and in the second place, audiences loved westerns and rural pictures.

To whet your appetite, here are some of my favorite outdoorsy, countryside-ish silent pictures.

Tol’able David (1921): You can’t cover this topic without this movie being prominently featured and for good reason. Excellent acting and an unabashed celebration of rural West Virginia make for a beautiful coming of age tale. This is one of the essentials.

Hell’s Hinges (1916): You know I love this one! Apocalyptic fury in the old west is very much my thing.

Before the Face of the Sea (1926): Dark secrets on a remote island in rural Finland. Notable for its brooding, pagan tone.

Back to God’s Country (1919): This picture was a huge hit due to its scenery, use of animals and its tagline: Is the Nude Rude?

In the Moonshine Country (1918): Real footage of real moonshiners, enough said.

Beyond the Border (1926): This western comedy is a great favorite of mine. No good deed goes unpunished when a sheriff agrees to hide a criminal’s record from his naive kid sister.

I hope you enjoy the reviews ahead!


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