Theme Month! July 2020: A Month of Confusion

This month is going to consist of a series of practical jokes. You see, there are many silent films that share titles with famous talkies but have absolutely nothing else in common.

For example, IT (1927) doesn’t have a single killer clown in sight, though Clara Bow does slay as the leading lady.

George Bancroft and not Leonardo DiCaprio stars in the lost film The Wolf of Wall Street (1929).

And The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1917) had nothing at all to do with scary babysitters. (This film is also lost.)

And don’t be surprised if a certain Mr. Harrison Ford (not that one) shows up this month too!

I hope you’ll have fun with this and maybe you’ll even get some ideas for tricking unsuspecting friends and family into watching a silent movies.

“I had no idea you wanted the Stephen King movie! But since we’re already here…”


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  1. Shari Polikoff

    Sounds like fun! I’ve always yearned to see the silent and early talkie films with the same title as the totally unrelated Sidney Poirier film ‘Lilies of the Field.’ Of course, the silent is a lost film, like most of Corinne Griffith’s work.

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