Theme Month! April 2020: Whirlwind Tour of Europe

Like most of you, 2020 has been shot to hell and I am still picking up the pieces but since we need silent movies more than ever, I have done a bit of rearranging in my schedule.

(I haven’t really talked about it much but I had a major non-COVID-19 health scare with my red blood cell count dropping dangerously and I needed to seek emergency treatment. So, it’s been fun around here.)

I had originally planned to do this in the Summer as a kind of vacation-themed month but since so many of us are limiting our travel and are actually quarantined in some cases, I thought that April should be about different European films.

Now, obviously, Europe is a big continent so we can’t cover every country in a month, so I selected silent films from countries that don’t get quite as much attention. Why limit ourselves to just five or so national cinemas when we have the whole world to discover?

And here are some freebies for all of you:

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this little tour and that it will make you feel a little less housebound. And if you live in one of the countries that will be reviewed, I hope you won’t mind a few virtual tourists coming by to admire the art, the culture and the view.


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  1. Glenn Miller

    Please take care of yourself! I love and depend on your site for much of my silent movie fix. Thank you for everything you do for all of us!

  2. Kay Lapping

    Hi Fritzi, thanks for the freebies, looking forward to discovering new films. Take care and best wishes to you.

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