Fun Size Review: The Wizard of Oz (1925)

This movie should come with a warning label. It is bound to offend the following people:

Oz fans

Silent movie fans

Carbon-based life forms

Is it the worst silent movie ever made? No. Is it one of the worst to be released on Bluray with an orchestra score? Oh yeah. Unfunny, racist and decidedly un-magical, this film also has the misfortune of sharing a title with one of the most beloved family films. It’s not fair but life isn’t fair and one thing I never wanted was a projectile vomiting duck in an Oz picture, so I guess we’re even.

How does it end? Hover or tap below for a spoiler.
I honestly do not know. I mean, they leave the castle and then the movie just kind of stops.

Read my full-length review here.

If it were a dessert it would be: Kitty Litter Cake. I am sure there are people on this planet that find it funny but I certainly would not like to spend much time with them.

Availability: There are numerous public domain editions but the best quality is found as an extra included in some releases of the 1939 film. Pristine transfer, orchestra score by Robert Israel, the works.


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  1. Keith S.

    I am frequently moved to part with some of my hard-earned pennies based on one of your reviews, Fritzi, but having once seen a public domain release of this film , I am forewarned and will go nowhere near it. It is a stinker!!!

  2. Vincent Sartain

    I’m an overall film buff who also loves silent pictures, but THIS filmed version of the L. Frank Baum source children’s book is usually
    the one I pull out of “yon nether regions” to show everyone, “SEE?! I DON’T like EVERY silent movie that was ever made, “just because it’s a silent movie!” THIS one stinks to the high heavens!” For Semon and Oliver Hardy completists and “bad movie lovers” only! Otherwise, avoid at all costs! 🤣

  3. Scott Lueck

    I had the misfortune to see this not only as a public domain release, but with the subtitles read by a woman very slowly, in a cloying voice best suited to a three year old. Since I can’t stand Larry Semon anyway, this was not the most pleasant way to see a very unpleasant film.

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