Oscar Delay

Hey there. I usually post reviews on Sunday but today is Oscar day and every time I have posted a review on Oscar day, the traffic has been a bit sad. As a result, I will be putting off my review of The Headless Horseman (1922) until tomorrow. I’m pretty excited about it and want it to get the best exposure possible.

To make up for this delay, here is a shot of my dog Douglas Fairbanks wearing a trucker hat.

And my cat Ronaldo posing and being the world’s shiniest thing:

Thanks so much for understanding and I hope you enjoy my TRIPLE review tomorrow!


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    1. Fritzi Kramer

      I will put them in proper post format soon but in the meantime, here’s my Twitter thread that coincided with the Oscars.

      1. Overseas Visitor

        Thank you! Sad if your enthusiasm died. The list of nominees affected at least my latest purchase order.

        I understand that people are passionate about their favourites, but if your choices had been exactly the same as mine, I couldn’t have found any new suggestions. A combined your / 1919 audiences choice made the list more interesting. However, at least I would be more interested in learning, why these films were on the list than why some others weren’t.

  1. Joe Thompson

    “As a result, I will be putting off my review of The Headless Horseman (1922) until tomorrow.” — I hope he doesn’t lose his head over this.

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