The Third Movies Silently Podcast with David L. Gill

The podcast is back and I am joined by special guest David L. Gill. The subject: silent film music, the good and the bad.

A huge thanks to Orlando and Alex for helping my pronounce Chilean Spanish and Egyptian Arabic!

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Show Notes

David’s Score for “Four Square Steve”


  1. Samantha Glasser

    I wish TCM hadn’t done away with their Young Film Composers Competition. Good scoring is so important and that program not only spotlighted young talents, it gave young people a chance to be involved in a genre that isn’t usually associated with young people.

  2. R.D. Stock

    The Young Film Composers Competition was surely one of the best things TCM has ever sponsored. I taped most of the scores & have done pretty well replacing them on disc when I could. Some were a bit too idiosyncratic for my taste but most were quite wonderful.

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