Sorry for the Posting Delay But We’re Earthquaking Here in California

Hey there, it’s been pretty wild here in California. I live reasonably close to the epicenter of the recent earthquakes and I have been dealing with the quakes and aftershocks.

We’re all okay, no damage done but we’re pretty freaked out, especially Douglas:

It’s been a pretty stressful two days. I’ll be resuming regular posts tomorrow, tectonic plates allowing.


  1. Kay Lapping

    Oh that must be scary, sending best wishes and hope Douglas feels happier soon. Take care.

  2. Marie Roget

    Oh, heavens! Poor little Douglas- do you have a thunder shirt to put on him? I’ll bet you do. Carlo is more sanguine about the whole thing, I hope.

    Our friends in Santa Monica and the Hollywood Hills said they definitely felt Thursday’s quake, then a few aftershocks, and a big quake on Friday night (worst damage: a china cabinet flew open, some cups broken). San Fernando Valley friends felt the quakes less. Up here on the Central Cal Coast we felt them…not at all.

    Hang in there, Fritzi!

  3. Icewineanne

    So very glad you & Douglas are ok. As much as I adore your posts, your personal safety & mental health are always most important. Sending you prayers, hugs & good wishes from the North East.

  4. Steve S

    I understand. I’m up in Tehachapi, and the one yesterday reminded me of Northridge, and the aftershocks are the worst i’ve ever felt. I actually think there’s an aftershock going on right now.

  5. Joe Thompson

    I’m glad there is no damage. All the way up here in Pacifica our cat was acting oddly on Friday. Douglas will get better.

  6. Keith S.

    Blimey! I just saw footage of the quakes on the news! I hope you are ok.
    We had a quake here about ten years ago with the epicentre some twelve miles away, around force five on the scale, but it still bought people out onto the streets.
    Take care.

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