Snip, Snip! Can You Identify the Silhouettes of These 1923 Silent Stars?

Ready for another guessing game? Motion Picture Magazine published this series of silhouettes in early 1923 and I hope you will have fun figuring out who’s who. Some are easier than others but I will be providing an answer key so you won’t be left in suspense.

These silhouettes are credited to Beatrix Sherman, who was one of the top silhouette artists of her time. She worked with black paper and scissors and it’s easy to see that she was extremely talented. Besides film stars, she made portraits of presidents and other notable people.






And now for the answers:

A. William S. Hart
B. Irene Castle
C. Mary Pickford
D. Anita Stewart
E. Charlie Chaplin

The last is the most difficult as his trademark mustache is not visible in silhouette. However, I hope you enjoyed the little game and the talents of Beatrix Sherman.


  1. Marie Roget

    Got 3 out of 5 (Hart, Pickford, Chaplin) so guess I’m not that great at silhouette identification. These are so lovely, though. I’ve often wondered, how do you get that precise with a scissors. Then I remember how much women used scissors back then (and now, if you sew). It’s a useful tool that suits a woman’s hand well.

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