Zounds! Gadzooks! A Stomach Bug Has Felled Me!

I was scheduled to review The Ancient Law today but I have been fighting back a stomach bug for a couple of days and am on the mend but I made an executive decision to push the review back to Monday.

I am usually able to power through and post when I am sick but stomach ailments leave me not very smart, so I decided that I needed to take this day to rest and possibly post Blake’s 7 GIFs on Twitter because, frankly, that’s all my poor brain can handle under these conditions.

Sorry about the delay and see you Monday!



    So sorry you are this befallen M’Lady. We shall await thy review with a breath that is baited. Feel better, soon.

  2. Lisa Cross

    Hope you’re feeling better soon…. no worries About here. We’ve gone 96 uninformed about the film. It won’t kill us. Take good care!!!

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