Movies Silently Plans for 2019

The new year has kicked off and I have plans! First, let’s talk about your feedback.

I held a poll asking you what you wanted to see more of on this website in 2019. Thanks so much for voting! Here are the results:

What type of review would you like to see more of in 2019?

Reviews of more obscure films 70%
Reviews of more mainstream Hollywood films 30%

You want me to keep heading in more obscure directions!

Which side feature would you like to see more often in 2019?

Vintage magazine clippings 45%
Discussions 32%
GIF posts 14%
Polls 8%

You want more clippings and discussions.

Would you like more coverage of sound films that are connected to the silent era in some way? (Silents vs. Talkies, After the Silents, etc.)

Yes 77%
No 23%

You want more talkie connections explored.

I hope to incorporate more silent films than more languages this year and am already planning reviews of films from two countries that are making their debut on this site.

I am also FINALLY getting my podcast together and hope to publish it soon. (My patrons will get a sneak peek.)

And I’ll be back in the kitchen soon preparing more vintage celebrity recipe goodness.

As always, I value and appreciate your requests so be sure to ask if you want something in particular to be covered on the site. 

My main goal for 2019 is to try to keep my eyes out for new and fresh ways to spread the silent film love and not allow myself to get into a rut or just mail in my writing. I know it doesn’t sound ambitious but I was not entirely happy with my 2018 work and I want to improve on it a bit. Hang onto your hats, kids!


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  1. Steven S

    If you continue to do in depth, and informative reviews I don’t mind what type of film it is. Although I do prefer the obscure films.

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