Fun Size Review: Fatty and Mabel at the San Diego Exposition (1915)

Mack Sennett’s winning duo of Arbuckle and Normand were dispatched to interact with the ongoing exposition in San Diego and chaos ensued, naturally. Arbuckle’s flirty ways anger Normand and she’s not someone you want to get angry.

The humor isn’t as good a the team’s later work, to be honest, but the historical content is priceless.

(By the way, you can see more imagery of that exposition in the 1917 film ‘49-’17.)

How does it end? Hover or tap below for a spoiler.

Arbuckle finally goes too far and ends up ducked in a fountain.

Read my review here.

If it were a dessert it would be: Hydrox. Of its time but we can still have a lot of fun.

Availability: Released as part of the four-disc Forgotten Films of Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle box set.


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  1. Steve

    I love Mabel. At @ the 2:15 mark Mabel seems to be telling someone off camera that she’s not really “with” Roscoe. Priceless. Of all the talented comediennes from the silent era, Mabel is my favorite.

    It seems to me that the narratives surrounding Mabel are finally changing. Especially her relationship/influence with Charlie Chaplin. I think she’s one of the true pioneers of motion picture comedies. Man or Women.

    1. Fritzi Kramer

      Yes, I cannot tell you how infuriated I was to see her portrayed as a no-talent hanger on in Chaplin. She taught him the ropes and he couldn’t forgive her for it, basically. Fortunately, Arbuckle understood and respected her. A shame that both of them had careers unfairly cut short, I would have liked to have seen them reunite in the 20s for some domestic comedy fun.

  2. Marie Roget

    As Steve notes above, the narratives surrounding Mabel are indeed changing, and in no small part doing so because of Movies Silently!

    P.S. Another one of Normand’s well-chosen comedic hats featured in this film 😉

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