Theme Month! May 2018: Movies About Movies

This month’s theme should be particularly fun because it was chosen by my readers. They want silent movies about movies and I am going to deliver!

The process of filmmaking has fascinated audiences since the dawn of cinema and so it was an obvious choice as a film topic. Plus, no need to disguise the sets, lights, cameras, etc. We’re pulling back the curtain!

I’ve chosen a nice variety of films that I hope will balance between famous and obscure. In the meantime, here are some movies I have already reviewed that are set behind the scenes and cover eleven decades of film history:

The Big Swallow (1901)

The Cameraman’s Revenge (1912)

Mabel’s Dramatic Career (1913)

Behind the Screen (1916)

A Girl’s Folly (1917)

Souls for Sale (1923)

The Lion of the Moguls (1924)

The Last Command (1928)

Show People (1928)

Silent Movie (1976)

The Artist (2011)

Phew! I told you it was popular. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the reviews and thank you again for choosing this wonderful theme for me.


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