Poll: You Choose My Theme Month (Rise Up and Vote Here!)

I asked my readers to submit ideas for a theme month and they came through with some really spectacular suggestions. Now it’s time to vote on the final choice.

Some ideas were great but I didn’t have enough films in the category to fill out the month. However, that doesn’t mean that these ideas won’t be used at a later time when I have more films that will fill the bill. Thanks to everyone who participated and shared their ideas!

After much consideration, here are the five finalists:

Extreme Weather: Silent movies loved their blizzards, sand storms and floods!

The Press: Reporters reporting! Editors! Newsrooms! Extra! Extra!

Straight Outta Fort Lee: Films made in America’s first movie capital.

21st Century Silent Filmmaking: The new generation of silent cinema.

Movies about Movies: Silent movies loved to feature behind-the-scenes stories.

Instead of the old multiple choice “pick one” poll, I decided to let you rank the choices from the one you most want to see to the one that holds the least interest for you. Just drag and drop the various choices!

This poll closes on April 4, 2018 at 11:00 p.m.

If the poll is not showing up for you, here is a direct link. Let me know if you run into any technical issues.


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    1. Fritzi Kramer

      Uh oh! If you like, you can use the contact form to tell me your preferences and I will consider them in the final tally. These polls usually finish with just a few votes between the top choices.

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