Quiz: What did you learn about Latin American silent film?

All through September, I reviewed silent films made in Latin America. I had a wonderful time and was glad to see a positive response from my readers. I’ll definitely be doing this again! Well, it’s a new month, so let’s see what we learned.

Here are the reviews where you will find the answers:

Limite (1931)

The Hussar of Death (1925)

Wara Wara (1930)

The Ghost Train (1927)

Claws of Gold (1926)

Be sure to click the “Finish Quiz” button at the bottom once you have answered the questions. If the quiz is not displaying, here is a direct link.


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  1. Marie Roget

    So glad to hear you’ll be doing another round of Latin American reviews! I love getting introduced to silents would otherwise have not discovered (I’d only seen- and frankly, heard of one, El Tren Fantasma, before last month).

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