Fun Size Review: Hawthorne of the U.S.A. (1919)

Wallace Reid and Harrison Ford (not that one) play road trip buddies who win a fortune in Monte Carlo and then end up getting involved in a Ruritanian revolution. If this sounds fun to you, let me burst your bubble. It’s for your own good.

This film is painful. The hero is smug and obnoxious, the script is idiotic and the title cards tell us the same thing over and over again. We silly moviegoers may forget after all! What could have been a cute buddy comedy is done in by the sheer incompetence of its filmmakers. See it only if threatened with death or dismemberment.

How does it end? Hover or tap below for a spoiler.

Hawthorne backs the revolution without doing any research and then changes his mind and backs the monarchy, ending up with his very own banana republic. Yay?

Read my full-length (and very vicious) review here.

If it were a dessert it would be: A Pimple Cupcake. The main pleasure is in popping the thing.

Availability: Released on DVD by Grapevine.


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