Secret and Cunning Plans for 2017: Lost & Obscure Films, Neglected Cinema, Wacky Recipes

Well, 2016 is well and truly gone and we can now move onto the business of 2017. Here are some plans I have for the site in the new year.

2016 was a rough one for me. Not talking about world events or politics or anything external, just some tough personal times. I didn’t quite accomplish all I set out to do on the site but, hey, I tried. But enough of this serious stuff! Let’s talk about the plans for the new year!

In addition to my usual schedule of walloping on D.W. Griffith, throwing in obscure sci-fi/fantasy jokes and generally causing trouble, here’s what’s cooking:

A Little More Comedy

I tend to focus on silent dramas (particularly from mainstream American concerns) because I feel they are underserved compared to European art films and slapstick comedies. However, I am not opposed to silent comedy and hope to include a few more in the schedule this year, especially from Harold Lloyd as 2017 marks a century of his Glasses character. Also, more Hal Roach in general because Hal Roach is the best.

Cookin’ Fool!

Last year, I tested and published fourteen recipes for my Cooking with the Silent Stars series. That’s well below my goal of every two weeks but, as I said, 2016 was pretty rotten. I am back on schedule for 2017 and hope to publish many, many fascinating vintage recipes.

Silent Film Diversity

While this site is dedicated to mainstream Hollywood productions and will continue to be, I will be adding some reviews of neglected silent cinema. I am hard at work researching Latin American silents, silent films produced by independent African-American studios and the silent cinema of the Jewish diaspora.

9.5mm of Joy

One of my favorite projects of 2016 involved collaborating with Christopher Bird. He generously uploaded titles from his collection to 9.5mm films on YouTube for all to enjoy and I reviewed the films. Here’s what was uploaded throughout the year:

The School For Scandal

The Captive God

Tales of the Thousand-and-One Nights

L’enfant du carnaval

And (shhh!) we have more goodies in the works. To say more would be telling but I think you’re gonna like it!

Your First Year of Silent Films

I started a curated list of silent films for the beginner but had to take a break from it due to a crazy schedule. I hope to get it restarted in 2017.


So there are the plans for 2017. I think they’re well within reach, don’t you?


  1. Gloria Naldi

    Harold! I can’t wait to read what you come up with, it all sounds exciting! 2016 had some rough times for me too, but I just know this year is going to be better, hang in there!

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