Fun Size Review: The Last Performance (1929)

Conrad Veidt slithers across the American silent screen one last time in this drama of jealousy, murder and illusionists. Veidt fans will find much to love (our beloved monster has never looked better) but the overall film is disappointing as it is saddled with a simplistic script and a so-so supporting cast.


How does it end? Hover or tap below for a spoiler.

Veidt arranges for his enemy to be stabbed to death in a trunk and his romantic rival to be framed for the murder. However, guilt (and pleading from Mary Philbin) overwhelms him and he confesses all before killing himself.

If it were a dessert it would be:

Strawberry Cool-Whip Pie. A genuinely tasty central ingredient surrounded by far more pedestrian elements.

You can read my full-length review here.

Availability: The Last Performance was released on DVD and Blu-ray as an extra on the Criterion Collection’s edition of Lonesome.


  1. cocogwynplaine

    Those eyes!! those beautiful eyes, Recently I discover Veidt (only two months ago) and I got very Interested on his filmography (specially silents) and other silents too… The fisrt thing I saw about Veidt was abot him on The Man Who Laughs, and it became my favorite movie ever (only in the same level of a talkie movie I loved when I was a child) XD! Now I have seen many silents, not much as you, because Im newie… about Veidt filmography I saw 9 movies until now.. One of them was The Last Performance, I see it has many similarities with “The Phantom of the Opera” with the place, actress, name of the main character and plot… and I love it!!
    I saw your review too and Im very agree with all that you have said!! about Veidt Performance and abour the performance of the other co-stars… very interesting review!! (Editor’s Note: SPOILERS) I only would wish Erik dont commit murder and suicide… Erik was very gentle, sweet, and quite handsome! He deserved to live and be loved… And once again, I would had not had any problems with being Mrs Erik neither!! (END SPOILERS)
    Erik is probably my second Connie’s favorite character (with Cesare) and simply I love the personality of the character and the passion and drama that Veidt put into Erik.!!!
    It is very difficult I ever fell in love, but Veidt is of the very few men who managed to make me fall in love… cheers to Veidt for everything and cheers to you for your nice review!!… I only wish It has not only a month to comment.. I would preffert to comment on the main “Last Performance” post… and the other old Veidt’s post

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