Theme Month! September 2014: One hundred years ago… The films of 1914

This month is all about the films that turn 100 this year. 1914 was an intriguing time in cinema history. The feature film era was dawning and the star system as we know it was starting to solidify. However, the free-wheeling spirit of the early days was still in evidence. Vamps, flappers and sheiks were not yet on the scene but the stage was set.

In many ways, the audiences of 1914 were very similar to the audiences of 2014. Adventure and fantasy ruled at the box office, along with some still-shocking spots of darkness.

Here are some 1914 topics I have already covered:

The Squaw Man (Cecil B. DeMille’s debut)

Won in a Cupboard (Mabel Normand directs)

And the top American stars of 1914 were…

On to the new stuff!

Review #1: Cinderella

Mary Pickford’s version of the popular tale. Co-stars her then-husband, Owen Moore.

Review #2: The Magic Cloak of Oz

L. Frank Baum produced a series of silent Oz films. This is the first.

Review #3: The Wishing Ring

A charming and lovely little romance set in old England.

Review #4: Brute Island

Lest you think all 1914 movies were sweetness and light, here is a rather nasty piece of business from writer-director-star Harry Carey.