Theme Month! May 2014: Tournament Winners

This month is dedicated to the four winners of the silent film tournament that was held earlier this year. The talented people that you picked for the honor:

Ernst Lubitsch (Director)

Pola Negri (Leading Lady)

Sessue Hayakawa (Leading Man)

Mabel Normand (Comedian)

Quite a diverse mix, I must say. I am looking forward to the reviews.

Ernst Lubitsch

The Merry Jail (1917)

One of Lubitsch’s earliest surviving films, this is a zany marital romantic comedy. There is madcap intrigue and some rather scheming servants.

Mabel Normand

Won in a Cupboard (1914)

This is Normand’s earliest surviving film that features her wearing two hats: star and director.

Sessue Hayakawa

The Dragon Painter (1919)

One of Hayakawa’s finest roles, he plays a mad artist who must struggle with longing, loss and lack of inspiration.

Pola Negri

Hotel Imperial (1927)

Spies and other nefarious doings during the Great War and Pola must save the day. One of her biggest American hits.


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