Video Review: Hell’s Hinges (1916)

My third video review! William S. Hart’s apocalyptic western is considered a classic of the genre. It features a suspenseful build-up, a fiery climax and an 18-year old John Gilbert in a supporting role. I recommend checking it out even if you are not an enormous fan of westerns. I think you will be surprised at its grit and raw power.

You can read my print review here.


Released on DVD.


Complete Films of William S. Hart: A Pictorial Record by Diane Kaiser Koszarski

My Life East And West by William S. Hart

American Silent Film by William K. Everson

Classics of the Silent Screen: A Pictorial Treasury by Joe Franklin

Silent Film and the Triumph of the American Myth by Paula Marantz Cohen

The A to Z of Westerns in Cinema by Paul Varner

The War, The West and The Wilderness by Kevin Brownlow


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