Silent Take: “Casino Royale” circa 1919

James Bond gets the silent treatment!

Of all the reimaginings I have done, I expect this one to be the most controversial (well, as controversial as a post about silent movies can be). You see, James Bond has come in so many flavors over the past 50+ years that it is impossible to get everyone in the room to agree on the ideal Bond.

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I also have to crave your indulgence for this particular poster since a few of the performers were not yet active in 1919. However, they were capable of acting in motion pictures (having stage experience) so I don’t feel all that guilty.

Clive Brook is old enough to be a believable agent and he can also pull off some of the quips that made the “lighter” Bonds (Brosnan and Moore), well, light. (I am not a fan of smack-the-lady Bonds) Louise Dresser has the necessary dignity to be M but she also can pull off mischievous rather well. Lew Cody was marvelous at sleazy villains and Enid Bennett has the proper innocence for Vesper.

Who is your ideal Bond cast? This is like choosing pizza toppings– no two people will choose exactly the same combination!


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